4 1/2" Burrell

Here we have a 4 1/2" scale Plastow Burrell. 

Originally built in 1978, owned and rallied by the same family for the last 11 years.  The boiler certs cover this period and after a recent re-tube the Burrell now has a full current Hydraulic and steam ticket.
It's also full road registered with it's V5 and ready to go.
Great engine, free running with loads of power  It comes with it's own passenger riding trailer and extension chimney etc.  Everything you need to hit the rally field for the summer!
length 68" (173cm)
width 29" (74cm)
height 46.5" (118cm)
There are a couple of links here to film of the model at work on youtube
and here at 3m.36s
Sorry It's Sold!

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