4" Burrell

Here we have advertised on behalf of our friends over at Berrybrook Steam, an example of the everpopular 4" scale Burrell single. It looks to be built to the John Rex design. The boiler was made July 1995 by John Rex Model Engineers (the original test is included in the paperwork packet).

It is worth noting early on in this write up that we have reduced the price on this example below what a similar engine of its ilk would ordinarily sell for due to the boiler looking to be coming towards the end of its life. Our boiler maker (a boiler maker of excellent repute who regularly carries out extensive work on some of the largest locomotive stock in the country - for any doubt regarding this, please talk to us) has recently done some work on this one. It will pass test happily for now however we cannot say if the rest of the boiler will last 5 years or 10 years - the nature of the repair is acceptable and the boiler is now fully servicable but it needs to be made clear that it is a boiler that whilst currently acceptable, it may not have a long life ahead of it. The repair in question was a leaky stay on the front of the firebox which was welded appropriately, there are no other issues with it.

Aside from this, the remainder of the engine is pleasantly presented and typical of such an age engine. It is road registered and on good vulcanised rubber tyres so lends itself to any road runs or work on hard ground. It is fitted with the typical injector and mechanical feed pump as well as a water lifter and chime whistle.

Overall, a pleasant all rounder which has been priced with consideration for a possible overdue rebuild in the foreseeable future.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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