4" 8NHP Burrell DCC

Here we have a rather spectacularly huge and nicely done 4 inch scale 8nhp Burrell DCC road locomotive.  Built to the Live Steam Models design, the builder has also used LSM to provide the professionally machined gears, cylinder block and of course all the castings, of which pretty much everything appears to be there to complete the engine.  The boiler is again professionally made by Bell Boilers and is of course CE-marked and complete with all the relevant paperwork.  We think that judging by the engine being fitted with the stronger double ringed front wheels and the slightly longer boiler barrel that this was probably being built as a crane road engine, although of course there is no need to finish it that way if that's not what you fancy.

It's probably about 60% complete with essentially everything important bought to complete.  The cylinder block is part machined as you will be able to see from the photos.   The crank is machined and the connecting rods, crossheads, eccentrics, weighshaft bracket fitted are all fitted as are the slide bars.  Essentially the 'engine' is pretty much there, save for the remainder of the cylinder & valve machining.  The 'bottom end' is fully rolling, with the three speed gears & diff all professionally completed,.... as is the winch drum behind nearside rear wheel.

There is also a complete set of drawings to complete.

Here is a link to the LSM page describing the model, which can be finished as either a Showmans or a Road loco:

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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