4" Burrell SCC

Here on behalf of our friends at Berrybrook Steam we have a pleasant example of the Burrell Single Crank Compound, as supplied in castings by Live Steam Models. It has been built to the image of a Road Locomotive design, fitted with a solid flywheel, belly tanks for longer stops between water refills, motion covers and a canopy. It is an engine which certainly looks the part, right down to the strakes being retained beneath the tyres giving a more authentic look. The steel boiler is dated to 1994 although the engine looks to have seen little use since - indeed it has been laid up for several years until very recently so has recently undergone some remedial work and a tidy up to return it to a fully operational state. It had a fresh ticket, both hydraulic and steam, at the end of the March 2019 with no issues flagged.

Fitted with the usual injector and mechanical water pump as per requirement. It has the typical a pickering type (untested) governor, a feature not always fitted but something that certainly adds to the appearance of a scale traction engine. The red livery has been nicely hand painted to give a slightly rustic and authentic look - it is certainly in keeping with the engine and is not particularly worn. The seating position is well thought out with a generous but not unpleasant gap in the roof and a comfy tractor seat.

Overall, a pleasant Burrell which is registered for road use and, as with all of our 'ready-to-go' stock, we would be happy to include a free, half-day training session following conclusion of the transaction (usually at point of collection).

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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