4" Durham & North Yorks

Here we have a very neat and tidy 4" scale Durham and North Yorkshire Traction Engine built to the doubled up John Haining design available currently from Brunell Engineering.

The model is a single cylinder 2 speed engine.  A lovely Victorian, late 1800s design, similar in proportions to the larger Foster n Garrett engines, we've always thought that the Durham has particularly attractive proportions.  This engine is somewhat simplified in it's detail in favour of being extremely easy and straightforward to operate and maintain.  There is an injector fitted and the water pump instead of being hidden away on the footplate in the more modern and conventional manner is nicely behind the flywheel and left hand rear wheel, so as she runs you can see the motion of the pump working satisfyingly against the main frame plates.  The safety valves are simple individually adjustable ones, the builder deciding that they would be easier to set and maintain than the early Salter ones.  All in all an attractive and early Traction Engine prototype, and one that is certainly a far rarer model than the usual Fosters, Garretts and Burrells.  Fast too, the gearing ratio on Durhams is slightly faster than other more common 4" engines, so she'll definitely not get left behind on those road runs to the pub!

She has a well cared for steel boilered of course with good tubes.  She can come of course with a full model engineering society boiler cert, tested and ready to play.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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