4" Durham & N. Yorks

NB:  The price has just increased as we've had it fitted with a lovely brand new set of vulcanised tires.  She is available in this state for £14,250, although if there are no takers in the next month or two we intend to go for a full on re-paint and re-furb, which will of course look lovely, (can be finished to your spec), but will make her considerably more expensive.

Here we have a well engineered 4 inch scale Durham and North Yorkshire Traction Engine, built we think to the doubled up John Haining design available currently from Brunell Engineering.

The model is a single cylinder 2 speed engine.  There are a few nice features on this engine that show the early Victorian nature of the original prototype.  The safety valves are lovely elegant Salter type off the side of the cylinder block.  There's an attractive wooden brake block and lever onto the bottom of the fly wheel which is a particularly nice touch.  The water pump instead of being hidden away on the footplate in the more modern and conventional manner is nicely behind the flywheel and left hand rear wheel, so as she runs you can see the motion of the pump working satisfyingly against the main frame plates.  All in all a particularly attractive and early Traction Engine prototype, and one that is certainly a far rarer model than the usual Fosters, Garretts and Burrells.

She is steel boilered of course, as really has to be the way when you get up to models of this size and weight, and although the engine is a few years old, the boiler is in good condition, with decent tubes.  She can come of course with a full model engineering society boiler cert, tested and ready to play.

Photos to be added very shortly, but for any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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