4" Foster

Here we have a particularly well finished and cleverly modified 4" Foster Road Locomotive.  The model started life as a more or less standard example of the ubiquitous Foster to the LSM drawings, but has undergone a long list of modifications and additions by a very skilled model engineer.

The following is a list of what has been made, altered and/or fitted to the original engine:  piston and rings in cast iron.  The piston liner was honed to an acceptable finish.  S/s piston rod, new slipper casting and small end bush, slippers, connecting rod, split bearing and carrier, valve eccentric rods, modified s/s steam valve rod and steam valve (not the usual Foster type), Stevenson linkage and pins, governor totally redesigned to the way the owner thought it should be and with a s/s valve rod (and it works).  Modified regulator valve slide, water pump re-machined (still pumps well and does not leak).  Injector re-coned - picks up every time.

All pipe work replaced, new pressure gauge fitted, siren fitted, stainless steel fire bars made instead of the stock cast iron grate, ash pan modified (quick release one pin and drop out bottom, also deeper than norm).  Blower modified fitted inside blast pipe, pipe work under cleading and valve on back plate.  Two water gauges fitted (red lined) with s/s taps with PTFE seats and brass and toughened glass covers.

The spoke flywheel is plated both sides making it solid (double the weight of a spoke wheel).  This gives good momentum and a very slow tick over.  There is also a neatly designed and fitted fly wheel brake.

Removable plate on top of the water tender allows access to the inside for cleaning and painting and to filter.  The tender also has a water gauge fitted.  Water lifter and pipe fitted and working.

The wheels are fitted with vulcanised rubber so it shouldn't ever lose a tyre!

All the handles are made of brass.

Canopy copied off a full size Foster and constructed as per the prototype – wood/canvas.  It has also been professionally sign-written so bears close inspection.  Underneath it there are eight lights.

Side motion plates fitted to complete the road locomotive look-a-like.  It is fitted with a push bike speedo so you can keep a check distances covered on road runs and the total mileage for the year.

The engine had a complete boiler re-tube in 2007.

The governor also works after much modification.  The globe valve and pipe out of the steam chest serves two purposes.  One, it operates a Windermere kettle fitted to the light bracket.  Two, it depressurizes the steam chest when in steam so the steam chest plate can be taken off to adjust the timing whilst hot.

There are two riding seats.  One is for riding with the detachable canopy fitted.  This trailer seat has the benefit of castors fitted to the rear so it follows the engine backwards or forwards – reversing is easy!  The other seat fits to the back of the tender with the canopy removed – favourite for road runs as the engine is road registered.  So you have these two options.  The water dandy will fit with either seat.

Agreed sale price will also include extension chimney, firing irons etc., even a Windermere Kettle and a belt driven reciprocating saw and leather belt as mentioned in a previous email.

The boiler steam certificate expired at the end of last month (June) and the hydraulic certificate will expire in September.  Unless a prospective purchaser wishes to do it him/herself, I will arrange for relevant tests to be carried out prior to completion of the sale.

For any more information or photographs, please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463.


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