4" Garrett

To Bill Newcombe's well proved drawings, and undergoing a fresh repaint is this well built 4" scale Garrett.

The model is currently undergoing a light general overhaul and repaint in our workshops.  It is a well built model with working governor, water lifter, vertical injector, stainless ashpan and all the usual bits and bobs that you'd expect to find on a Garrett.

The boiler is is very clean condition with what appear to be relatively new tubes, and there is the original test certificate from AJ Glaze Ltd, 25 August 1995, for the professionally welded steel boiler by T Tirrell of Tilbrook Services.  It will also come with a fresh hydraulic and steam cert.

For more information or to chat about what colour you'd like it painting up in just give us a bell on 07816 9963463.

£15,500 (fully painted and lined out to your specification)

Sorry It's Sold!

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