5" LMS Black 5

Here we have a brand new and as yet un-fired 5" gauge LMS Stanier Black 5.  Relatively rare beasts for some reason black 5s in 5" gauge, and it's always surprised us, as obviously it's an extremely popular prototype!

This one has been assembled from a Modelworks kit,... carefully and competently, and indeed the loco runs nicely on air.  The paint finish is pretty good, and mechanically there are a few little signs that some if not all of the model engineering work necessary to make a Modelworks kit built locomotive work well has already been done on this one.

The boiler is a brand new, professionally made silver soldered copper one.  There is a hand pump in the tender for water, as well as an injector fitted, and an axle pump between the frames with footplate mounted bypass valve.  Lubrication is mechanical and on the running board.  We are sorely tempted to fully commission this our ourselves and have a play before we sell it on, in which case it would be worth a decent chunk more, but as we are really busy in the works at the moment with other projects we thought we'd give you the chance to get this one as she stands a little cheaper.  You may get lucky here and find out that she just works straight out of the box, (certainly someone with model engineering know how has been involved in the build), but there may also be a few of the usual Modelworks 'snagging' issues to sort out before you're happily flying around your chosen track.  Do you feel lucky,.......?  🙂

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's SOLD!!!!!

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