4" Ruston Proctor

Here we have a complete kit for a 4" Ruston Proctor traction engine.  The kit was originally supplied by Winson and then Modelworks, and as you can see she's well on the way, and we are reliably informed by the previous owner that she has already undergone several modifications to improve the basic kit and make things work well.  Stripped for painting, which as you can see is well under way, although the wheels and bunker are just assembled for the purposes of the photographs so that you don't have to imagine too hard to know what she will look like.

All the original paperwork and build instructions are there too as well as the original boiler certification for the professional steel boiler, which is of course also unsteamed.  Lots done to a great winter project, and these build into a nice sized engine, that is geared to run fairly quickly.  You'll be able to move faster than most larger 4" engiones so road runs to the pub are definitely on the cards!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463



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