4" Super Sentinel

Here we have, advertised on behalf of our friends over at Berrybrook Steam, a relatively unusual, but very user friendly example of a 4.5" Sentinel Lorry. Produced on special order as a kit by the well-known firm, Maxitrak, who tend to specialise in  railway locomotives and the ever popular 3" scale Aveling & Porter tractor/lorry. Completed in 2008 using a vertical, commercial TIG welded copper boiler. It has been fitted with electronics, such as indicators and the steering has been altered to make it a little easier to use. Being based on the short wheel base tractor unit, as opposed to the typical longer bed waggons usually seen on the market, this makes it more portable and easier to store for someone with less space. The livery is pleasant with professional looking signwriting and an unusual grey body.

The engine itself is twin cylinder and underneath the seat. The cab is wide enough for two adults to sit side by side when driving. It is road registered and on pneumatic tyres so would work well on both road and rally field. It wants for very little however does have a few niggles which the prospective owner should expect to look at - there is nothing affecting its steamability as such but it isn't a mint example (refer to photos and by all means arrange a viewing for further details). Boiler test wise, it has a good stack of paperwork and previous tickets - its current ticket expires May 2019 - by all means give me a call to talk through what I have.

Overall a good engine which is ready to go as it is, but could do with some tidying up in places to improve its authenticity and likeness to the original.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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