5" 2-4-4 tank

Here we have an unusual and chunky beast!  A freelance 2-4-4 tank loco 'Caledonia' recently freshly painted to give her a fresh lease of life.  Built by a well respected and fondly remembered model engineer from the Manchester area, Arthur Eve, and finished in 1990, this is an unusual hybrid of a loco, and very much built in Arthur's style of building a loco however the fancy took him!  The Cylinders, wheels and valve gear are Southern Railway King Arthur and the rest is little bits of all sorts.

The boiler is a nicely made copper, silver soldered job, and although she's still in ticket from the previous owner's club, we will do a fresh hydraulic test on her and a fresh steam test to make sure all is well and good to go.  There is an injector fitted, as well as an axle pump and a hand pump in the bunker.  Lubrication is mechanical and easy to get at on the running boards.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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