5" 9F Boiler

Here we have a brand new, professionally made 5" gauge 9F boiler.  This boiler was made for Winson/Modelworks for one of their 9F Kits, but it appears that they delivered it in error to a customer with a Modelworks Britannia kit.  Certainly, we bought the 'Britannia' kit a few years ago, and on finding that the boiler was in fact for a 9F and not the Britt, we sold the Brit bits on and retained the boiler here on a shelf as a spare, just in case we ever found ourselves in need of one to rescue a 9F!  To date, that day hasn't come,.... and as we are having a bit of a workshop 'tidy up' we've decided to offer it up for sale.

It's brand new, in as new condition with it's stamps and original Modelworks laminated boiler test cert.  Never fitted to a loco, and ready to go.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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