5" Ajax

Here we have a 5" gauge 'Ajax' 0-4-0 sold here as a bit of a project as well as offered fully recommissioned if you'd prefer.  It looks a nicely made thing, and certainly runs well enough on air, so there shouldn't be a great deal of serious work to do on the bottom end.  The boiler also has passed a twice working pressure shell test and is nicely tight so that also is not an area for concern.

The ash pan is missing, so it would need a new one of those making if you'd like to run at a club without being shouted at, there's a buffer head missing, and also a couple of little things that need addressing in the cab like the gauge glass and probably an injector to sort out.  It has a twin ram axle pumps and a decent hand pump in the cab bunker, which is enough to satisfy the boiler inspectors, but an injector is always useful.  There's a feed from the manifold so why not!

We can do all that work for you and the loco can come fully sorted, tested and ready to play.  But we are really busy in the workshop and so thought we'd offer you both choices in case you're feeling like a fairly quick little recommissioning project.

As with most of our models, what you see isn't necessarily what you get!  We often photograph models pretty much as they come in to us, and then when someone phones to say they are interested we pull the model into our workshops and make sure everything is tested, sorted and ready to go.  So if you see the odd model photograph with a fitting missing or a return crank in the wrong place, that's just how it came in and certainly not how it will leave.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!!


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