5" Ajax

Here we have a well proven little 5" gauge 0-4-0 'Ajax' to Dick Simmonds popular design.  Built by an experienced model engineer with a firm eye on running, this one has been put together in a way that makes it both easy to drive and capable of useful performance.  She is softly sprung, which we find enables a loco to put it's weight down onto undulating rails far better than a firmer springing set up would.  Mechanically everything is well machined, tight, and very free running on air.

There are again 3 methods of getting water in, the usual hand pump hidden in the right hand tank is there, as is an injector mounted under the left hand running board and an axle pump that operates through the bypass valve on the footplate.  Draincocks are also footplate operated and lubrication is a lovely big mechanical tank on the running board.  This is a well sorted loco, ideal for running until your hearts content at your local club track.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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