5" GWR Brake Carriage

Here we have a reasonably tidy 5" gauge GWR Aristocraft third brake carriage.  (unbraked,..... perhaps ironically!?)  It's one of a pair that we've got currently in stock.  (We do actually have a third too,... a brand new GWR carriage set up with a water tank as a driving truck,..... hopefully to be photographed and listed soon).  These are a superb product, the body being one piece moulded fiberglass, but the livery is not painted on, but rather it is the coloured gel coat laid up into the mould first, in stages before the fiberglass and resin is stippled onto it from behind.  The net result is an extremely durable finish that can pretty much be kicked about by as many peoples legs as you like and it'll still look tidy.

Although not photographed we do have the foot rails for both these carriages.  They are free rolling and although they have the odd chip here and there, they don't have anything too unsightly and are in pretty good overall condition.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry its sold!!!

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