5" Avonside Heisler

Here we have another one that's just a little bit special!  This is a 5" gauge 0-4-4-0 Heisler articulated locomotive,..... a real prototype, and beautifully researched and executed by John Anyon, a very skilled and well respected model engineer who is sadly no longer with us.  The full size locos, a pair of them were built by Avonside Engine Co. in 1931 for the 2' gauge Illovo Sugar plantation in South Africa.  John carefully researched the locos before preparing his own drawings and patterns from the works general arrangement as well as a few photographs of the real thing.

She is a bit of a beast measuring 63" long, (19" wide and 28" high), and if you're wondering how heavy she is then she's probably not for you!  4 Cylinders with piston valves arranged in a v (2 on each side) driving a central crank shaft within an oil bath sumped crank casing.  A splined drive shaft then exits front and rear through a universally jointed linkages all the way to the front and rear of each drive bogie, where there is another oil bathed enclosed gear box transfering the drive to the lead and read axle.  The inner wheels are driven through the coupling rods.  The bogies have lovely touches like square section centralising springs tucked away underneath, and generally the whole bottom end has a huge amount of finesse and attention to detail wherever you look.

The boiler is a large steel one with copper tubes expanded in, and can come with a fresh 10 year hydraulic boiler test so there are no confidence worries there.  She will of course also leave here fully re-commissioned and test steamed so we know everything is working well as it should.  There are a pair of injectors fitted for the water and the lubrication is mechanical with a reservoir in the cab.  There is a steam brake too.  A completely brilliant machine, and a fine example of a skilled model engineer producing a worthy, accurate and unique model.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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