5” Battery Electric American Steam Outline

Here we have a 5" gauge battery electric 0-4-0 American outline loco. A curious little thing this! There's no battery included or indeed space for one on the engine, so we think it must have run with a car battery on a the driving truck, maybe under the seat so you could sit on it! We've connected the wires up to a car battery here on the rolling road and it all works and runs perfectly well both forwards and reverse, but appears to be geared up to run relatively slowly at the moment. We aren't electrical experts here,.... steam is much more our thing, so perhaps the motor is designed to run on 24 volt with two batteries in series rather than just the 12 from one. But certainly someone prepared to put in a little thought and time with the driving truck, and some time tidying up the loco it's self,... which shows the unmistakable signs of having sat dormant on a shelf for many years,.... could produce a nice little loco for the kids to rattle around your garden track.

If you'd like to know any more information please do just give us a bell on 07816 963463

Stock Code: Stock Code: L051140

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