5" BR 9F

Here we have a loco to impress your friends and irritate your enemies,..... a nicely made 5" gauge BR 9F 92220 'Evening Star' made to the well detailed and respected drawings by Les Warnett.  This model has seen a few different guises in it's life so far.  Originally finished and run in plain black, the model was re-painted into BR green a few years ago, but it was done without stripping the model down.  The black was sanded down and over painted, so the paint became a little bit on the thick side.  The next owner then decided that he didn't like the shade, and so the same thing was professionally done again, making the paint even thicker!  It doesn't look too bad, but there are a couple of areas where the paint has slightly reacted and wrinkled on the boiler barrel.  From a few feet away though it looks nice enough!

Mechanically there is definitely still life in the old girl yet!  We are doing a little re-bushing here at the workshop before she leaves us, the springing is having a bit of a tweak to balance the wheel weights, the timing is being sorted (the return crank wasn't quite in the right place), and the draughting has had a little tweak here in the works, so hopefully she's good to hit the track now with a fresh lease of life running better than ever!

The boiler is a nice looking copper silver soldered one with no problems and of course the engine will be given a full hydraulic and steam test before she leaves.  Fitted with a pair of injectors, an axle pump and bypass valve on the footplate and a hand pump in the tender.  Lubrication is by two mechanical jobs hidden in the correct prototypical place just under the running boards behind the cylinders.  All in all this is a very impressive and imposing locomotive and certainly a crowd pulling favourite!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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