5" BR 9F Modelworks

Here we have a 5" gauge BR standard 9F, assembled from a Modelworks kit, but reworked mechanically so that it actually runs!  We've tested it on air and the bottom end certainly runs well and doesn't sound like it's blowing past or particularly badly timed.  It's been test steamed in the past as well, but certainly not run very much, we are assuming just the testing and commissioning process.  That said, we are so busy in the workshop that we've decided to offer this one as a bit more of a project rather than going through it all ourselves and getting it fully sorted and ready to play.  It might just work of course, but we think it's likely that there will be a degree of tweaking and fettling necessary to get it fully track ready.

The original boiler certification is there, as well as a very comprehensive bundle of paperwork that came with the original kit.  Certainly a worthy model and a lot of engine for a model engineer who fancies what ought hopefully to be a relatively quick project.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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