5" BR Britannia

Here we have a particularly well made 5" Gauge BR Britannia.  Currently she's sporting the number 70000 and the name Britannia, although we can change these to make this whichever Britt that you particularly fancy.  Built by a very experienced model engineer to a high standard.  The detail and machining work on this one is superb, certainly the best Britannia that we've had in so far.  All the right Hewson casings are there to give her the detail, but things like the cab and other platework is actually to the builders own drawings scaled from the works drawings rather than simply using a Hewson laser cut cab kit.  Everything looks right, and we particularly like the subtly 'un-flat' tender body platework making it look just like the real thing, rather than a model!  There's even a working tender water scoop, so you'll have to be careful which handle you wind on the tender!

She runs great on both air and steam, although to date she's only had a single firing, just to test that everything is as it should be and to harden off the paint.  There are twin injectors, (a number 3 and a 4) and a water hand pump under a neatly sprung door on the tender back.  There is an eccentric fitted to the middle axle should you fancy a water pump and bypass as well, but they are currently not fitted.  Equally the steam break cylinder is fitted and rigged through to the locomotive brakes, but again not currently plumbed in for use.  The boiler is obviously also brand new and very well made, coming with the initial twice working pressure shell test certificate, as well as a fresh steam cert so she's ready to play.

The photos will be added very shortly, and should tell the story better than these words, but in the mean time,.....


.....for any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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