5" BR Britannia

Here we have a very well sorted 5" gauge BR Britannia, 70030 'William Wordsworth'.  Built by a very well respected model engineer, and very much modified from the original first batch of Winson basic kit beginnings, we believe this was only the second Winson Britt finished to run.  She was built over a two year period and then a further 18 months to sort out by a well respected and prolific model engineer.  This is a very long way away from a standard Winson Britt, the list of mods includes, but is certainly not limited to:
* Both cylinders replaced with scratch built 9f cylinders, castings from Norman Spinks bored out to 2” dia.
* Additional mechanical lubricator fitted to cure imbalance in oil distribution between cylinders.
* Troublesome axle pump removed, but still available,
* All leaf springs replaced by more compliant coil springs hidden in leaf spring castings.
* Regulator valve replaced with larger bore unit.
* Grate replaced by four piece stainless steel type with triangular bars.
* Safety valves replaced by Dave Noble units.
* Injectors replaced by JC types.
* Injector water valves replaced by Reeves International type.
* Gauge glasses replaced by Dave Noble types.
* Front buffers replaced by stainless versions.
* Whistle replaced with Reeves chime whistle.
* Top feed clacks replaced by Dave Noble lost wax cast units.
*  Steam dome cover replaced with new version spun from guilding metal.
* Various detailing items added bought from Doug Hewson.
* Ride on tender seat and footrests made.
The boiler has just received a hydraulic cert. and a steam test certificate on the 18th of April.  As you'd expect with such a comprehensive list of modifications, she's an extremely good runner, and also a fine looking loco, ready to hit the track and play.  She's come to us directly from the builder who has only decided, somewhat reluctantly to part with her as the impending completion of his new Rebuilt Scot will render storage space a challenge!  This, as you might have guessed,..... is a gudun!
For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463
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