5" BR Britannia

Here we have a particularly nicely made 5" gauge BR Britannia 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' (although we can re-name the engine to your preference).  An interesting model this, not made from a kit, indeed pre-dating the kit built locos, we think this one might be essentially a 3 1/2" Britt scaled up for 5", with a considerable number of alterations made to satisfy the extra scope for detail.  It doesn't look to us to be a Perrier or Jim Vass based model.  There are a few cosmetic frustrations with the model, the cab for a start is not quite 'Britt' enough to ensure that the purists don't wince a little, and the tender too has similar, if subtle issues, but the whole look and feel of the model is really very good, and importantly, this is actually one of the nicest made Britannia models that we have had in.  The more you look closely at this one, the more it passes muster!  Very well machined, and clearly thought through thoroughly before any metal was cut by an experienced and intelligent model engineer.  She runs absolutely beautifully, will crawl smoothly at the slowest speeds imaginable notching right back to virtually mid gear in both forward and reverse.  Everything just,.... works.

The more eagle eyed among y0u will notice that the cab side sports the number 70008 rather than Oliver Cromwell's 70013.  This is because on arrival at the workshops this Britt was wearing a lovely set of 3 1/2" gauge scale 'Black Prince' plates.  We had a true scale set of plates for Cromwell in stock so took the decision to swap them over.  The new numbers will be applied nicely before delivery of course, but we decided to hang back with the paint there, as we could at this stage go for any number,.... just in case you fancy a different Britt!  Copper boiler that can be given a full fresh 4 year hydraulic and an annual steam cert ready to play.

This, in short,.... is a 'gudun'!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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