5" BR Mark 1 RBK

Here we have a scale part built 5" gauge BR Mark 1 RBK car which has been constructed from the extensive range of parts available from Doug Hewson models.

Much of the hard work has already been completed with the construction of the Underframe, bodywork and commonwealth bogies all nearing completion.

Included within the kit of parts:

-          Resin Electrical Box

-          2 x Dummy Vacuum Cylinders

-          Transfers

-          3 x P108 B.R Maroon Phoenix Spray Paint

-          Glass for windows

-          Window Frames

-          Buffer Collars

-          Dummy Mushroom Rood Vents

-          Corridor Connections

-          Foam and Material for seating

-          Cut Out Bulk Heads

-          Table Cut outs

-          Drawings and Instructions

-          Various Lost wax castings

All in the cost in parts alone far exceeds the current asking price if bought new and another advantage is that much of the hard work has already been done!


Sorry It's Sold

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