5" Britannia

Here we have a rather well detailed and finished Britannia pacific, 70021 'Morning Star'.

The model (as with many Britannias) started life as a Modelworks kit, but as you can see has had a great deal of time, money and effort invested into it to make it right.  The changes are also, (you will be pleased to learn), more than skin deep.  The valve bobbins are all new and PTFE ringed, as are the pistons, and the ports have been widened to remove the asthmatic tendencies that afflict your average Modelworks product.

Apologies for the poor quality photos.  We will have another photoshoot with her next week!

Morning Star has just about every Dough Hewson or Dave Noble 'extra' or ' modification' bit possible fitted.  The Hewson cab kit is there, sorting out the poor lines of the MW original, but there's also a massive list of all the rest.  The Full Hewson BR Reverser, scale ejectors, top feeds, safety valves, dome, whistle valve, whistle, injector, manifold, proper footsteps all round, tender inspection hatch detail, tender filters, correct smoke deflector handrail detail for Morning Star, modified motion, cab doors, Noble gauge glasses, cab operated dampers & mechanical drain cocks.  There's loads more that you will spot if you pour over the photos, and as I say, we will get some better photos up very soon.

But generally this is a proper looking machine, that shows that in the hands of a skilled model engineer, and with the right bits added you can clearly make a lovely Britannia from perhaps more humble beginnings!  Here's a little video of it running a few months ago.

For more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463.


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