5" Chub

Well here we have a rather rare find.  A Kennion's Chub.  This 0-4-0 tank design was based on the well proven  ‘Butch’  design, with the idea of making a more compact locomotive  that still had the mechanical strength to pull a decent load at the track.

This has been a running model, but has been stripped to receive it's new boiler.  Mechanically everything has been well built, and is still very tight.  The boiler is new and un-steamed, and has been built by a careful model engineer.  We have pumped it up to twice working pressure and all is just as it should be.  It will need plumbing up, the backhead fittings adding and a regulator making and fitting.  The superheaters will need to be made and then of course it will need the boiler cladding making.  It will also need a grate making and fitting, the ashpan making, probably the odd little other bit and bob that is bound to pop up,.... and then the whole thing would benefit from a nice splash of fresh paint.

Length 23" - Height 12" - Width 9.3/4"

Wheels 4" Diameter - Boiler 4.1/2" Diameter


Sorry It's Sold!


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