5" Class 12

Here we have what to all intense and purposes is a 5" gauge BR Class 08 diesel shunter, excepting of course that it has disk wheels with holes in them alluding to the batch of 26 Bullied class 12s built with Boxpok wheels.

A nicely made model, scratch built, the body being mostly metal, and currently set up to run with a rather crude, battery carrying frame riding truck that we forgot to photograph, (but imagine horid,.... yep, you've got it!),.... and to that end there are connectors both front and back on the locomotive to enable you to run it comfortably from the riding truck either front or rear first.  The motor it's self is mounted solidly on the frames, and there is plenty of room under the bonnet to place a battery and or smoke and sound units up the front to really finish things off nicely!

We haven't tried or tested this one, as we are steam folk up here really, but it all looks in good mechanical order and the wheels certainly turn when you connect up a battery to the terminals, and we are being a bit flippant about the riding truck.  It's actually a rectangular box made from angle iron with small steel wheels and roller bearings.  It's a perfectly serviceable battery carrying riding truck, but it would benefit from having some nice sides made up to finish it off a bit.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!


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