5" Claud Hamilton

Here we have a particularly well made 5" gauge GER Claud Hamilton 4-4-0.  This one is a bit special in that it's a very rare, possibly unique works drawings built loco, not built to the Martin Evans design.  Martin Evans essentially designed his Claude along similar lines to his Maid of Kent, with the valves on top of the cylinders and using MoK wheels amongst other things.  This one is correct.  The valve gear is arranged as per the original loco and done with a good deal of finesse and model engineering skill, the wheels are correct and of course it's got lots of lovely detailing too.  Backhead detailing is certainly a pretty decent stab at the real thing, accepting the obvious practicalities of it also being a running and usable loco.

Fitted with twin vertical injectors behind the cab footsteps, there is also an elaborate double acting hand pump and water filtration system under the tender, with a spur to take an auxiliary water feed from a driving truck should you have one.  Lubrication is both mechanical under the front running boards, and displacement under the cab floor, with a sight feed on the footplate.  In short, this is a really lovely model, and although it's not something we normally write, the photos don't seem to do it justice.  The dark blue of the livery and the light cream of the inner frames have made the camera struggle to pick up the beautiful detail and finish on the valve gear.

Cosmetically it's not in showroom condition, it's definitely a runner,.... but the paint is still in nice condition.  She can come with a fresh 4 year twwice working pressure hydraulic boiler test and of course a fresh annual steam test so you can just hit the track and play.  This,..... is another gudun!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry its sold!

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