5" Carriages & Wagons

Here we have a full on 5" gauge garden railway set of narrow gauge ride on stock.  These are all made commercially by Ride on Railways, and nicely done they are too.  There is the odd scuff, scratch and chip on the bodies here and there (we've included a couple of close ups to show you the sort of thing).  Nothing that wouldn't be significantly improved with a pot of touch up paint.

All the bogies roll very freely, and the chassis generally are in very good condition as are the seat cushions.  We would be pleased to see these all go as one lot to someone who would like to instantly populate their garden railway ready to go,..... indeed the extra couple of wagon bodies if all bought together enable you to run a mixture of different trains without having to buy an expensive 'bottom end' for every body.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

We are making these available individually, or with a slight discount as one job lot.  Prices are as follows:

Sorry It's Sold!

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