5" Crampton

Here we have our first 5" Crampton locomotive built to Brian Arridge's design.  A particularly mechanically satisfying engine to watch fly past is a Crampton.  The general locomotive layout has taken the name of the designer Thomas Crampton, who, contrary to popular belief wasn't actually a Frenchman, but a Britt.  The format of loco was, however far more popularly received by the French and other European countries, far more of the type being built for use in those countries than here in the UK.  There were however a good number built by Stevensons and other early companies such as Tulk & Ley.  Britain had around 50 of the type running in the 1850s, serving several different railway companies up and down the country, and although this model is not specifically a true representation of any particular prototype, it certainly captures the feel and essence of the full size design.

To the model!  This is one that we have had a little hand in.  When it cam in it was missing a few little bits and bobs and in a particularly odeous shade for insipid green!  So we took the decision to give it a quick strip down, re-paint and re-build, as we reckon there's not enough Cramptons out there with a decent finish on em!  For some reason they always seem to be a clumsy green colour, instead of something a little more Victorian and inspiring.  We've been waiting for the right loco to go into grey for some time now, and this one has become it!  So, mechanically she's had brand new pistons and rods, and a general strip down and re-build.  The injector set up is all brand new, and the water pump has been overhauled.  The boiler was tested outside the frames and unclad and comes with a full fresh 4 year hydraulic cert, and a fresh steam cert can be sorted as soon as she leaves.

For us this is a really attractive little loco, with a definite quirky twist, and an exciting turn of speed!  Mechanically sorted and ready to play.

These next photos show before of course, and some of the re-build process so that you can see some of the work that we've done to her.  But as you can see from the top album, she's done and ready to go!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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