5" YEC 2-6-0

Well, here we have an unusual little thing!  This is a 5" gauge scratch built model of a Paraguayan Central Railway's 2-6-0.  At least that's what it said on the bit of paper that came in with it!  It's supposed to be a model of a Yorkshire Engine Company build from 1910 for the PCR, no 51, which was a wood burning mogul.  However our research (and general knowledge of YEC products) makes us think that this is a particularly tenuous link!  As far as we can find, the PCR YEC 2-6-0s didn't look anything like this.  No matter though,...... this is a nice looking and well built loco in it's own right!

It is not, however, all it may seem at first glance!  This is a display model, constructed upon a well engineered and fully rolling bottom end.  This is a battery electric steam outline loco waiting to happen.  Most of it is metal, and well made.  There is space inside the tender to put a battery, and there is space inside the firebox to put a motor driving the axle.  The chassis all rolls very nicely, the valve gear and axle boxes are all real, although the cylinders are fake.  Solid metal, but fake.  The whole thing weighs as much as a sweet pea, as essentially it is all made as per a real working model, excepting of course the lack of a working boiler, and the functional simplifications that were obviously acceptable for a non working steam engine.  It's sturdy enough, and functional enough though to very easily convert into a good looking and interesting battery electric loco.  These days you can even make it chuff and produce steam if you fancy!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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