5" Dean Goods

Here we have a brand new and virtually complete 5" Gauge GWR Dean Goods.  Quite a rare model this, and ironically we currently have two in stock!  Often model engineers 'tweak' an LBSC 'Pansy' pannier tank, adding a tender and detailing it to look like a Dean, but they never quite cut it.  The wheels are often too small and other bits and bobs give them away as not being a proper scale model.  This one, and our other for that matter are true Dean Goods models.

The photographs will obviously tell the story better than it is possible to do here in words, but essentially this one is very nearly there!  The backhead needs plumbing up, although all the front end, superheaters, blast pipe, blower ring etc is already sorted.  The tender front would benefit from the last few bits of detailing adding, tool boxes etc, and the brake blocks are there but not fitted,.... and the front of the firebox cladding is still to be made.   Beyond that it's pretty much there, and very nicely made at that!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold staight away!  We have another in stock so please do enquire.

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