5" Dholpur

Well this is a big beast this one!  Here we have a 5" gauge Hunslet 2-8-4 pannier tank locomotive 'Dholpur'.  The full size prototype was built in 1951 to a gauge of 2' 6".  A brand new model, finished only a few months ago, and steamed so far on a just a couple of occasions, running for a sum total of around 3 hours to make sure all is as it should be.

The locomotive was started by a very competent model engineer, and the standard of machining work on the bottom end is very good.  Everything is nice and tight, with slop only where you'd want it to be, and it runs very nicely on air.  (we've yet to steam it up ourselves!)

The boiler is copper, and professionally made, with all the certs, and all the usual bits and bobs are there.  Twin injectors, mechanical lubricator, footplate operated drain cocks, and a steam brake, but there are also working front and rear dampers, and even a working headlamp!  The general finish is good, and the overall impression is very neat, although as you look closely various bodywork and finishing bits would benefit from a bit of neatening up.  All the axleboxes for example are plumbed in with their own oil feed, the boxes for which are not entirely square, and the support brackets for the tanks are similarly un-refined.  That said, these are small things that would take a few hours to 'tweak'.  If we were keeping her, we would also add a further layer of insulation to the boiler, just to open up the barrel cladding a little, as currently the cladding is a little visually 'skinnny'.  Again, a small job, the work of a few hours, but would certainly finish the engine off nicely, adding to the models generally bulk and powerful feel.

It comes with the usual full 4 year hydraulic, and annual steam cert, ready to pull everything you dare put behind it!  If you'd like to know any more, please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Length - 68"

Width - 15"

Height 20"

Sorry It's Sold!

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