5" Dukedog

To be photographed later this week is a particularly neatly constructed part built 5" GWR Dukedog.

The chassis is well on the way, cylinders, crank axle, coupling and connecting rods are all finished and on, and the chassis rolls along very nicely.   The valves and valve rods are in, but the majority of the valve gear is yet to be done, although the eccentric discs are on the axle.   The quality of workmanship and machining is first class, and it's a very crisp job, on what is a fairly detailed model.  The boiler is constructed by the same skilled engineer, and is solidly built, being caked in silver solder.  It doesn't quite have the finesse of a professionally done product, but it is a good, new boiler, which we would expect to pass it's test with no issues.

There is a bunch of castings, including the dome, smoke box ring and door, plus what appear to be most of the obvious ones to complete the model.  There are however no tender components, although Polly of course do the whole tender kit for £1200.

Photos will follow very shortly, but for more information in the meantime, please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


Sorry It's Sold!

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