5" Fowler 0-6-2T

This superb engine is a 5” guage built to exhibition standard by John Anyon in 1991 scaled from a works photo which appeared in the Model Engineer magazine [undated].  He specifically named it after his friend Mr J N Liversage – a name you may recognise.  It is a massive model for 5" gauge, standing 2’ 8” high [rail to top of whistle], 1’ 7” wide, 4’ 5” long [if front and rear buffers are removed it comes down to 3’ 9”] and it weighs in at 4½ cwt.

Based on a 2’ 8” narrow gauge built for export only to Australia by John Fowler and Sons of Leeds, England - year unknown - it’s a side tank 0-6-2 with internal coal bunkers.  The boiler is steel with copper tubes and holds 14 litres of water full up for hydraulic test. The side tanks hold 11 litres of water each. It has a two cylinder steam driven water pump, and a steam driven dynamo, a new injector and sight glasses (fitted May 2013) a steam operated brake, twin domed sand boxes on top of the boiler piped to wheels (that work if silica sand only is used) twin poppet safety valves, 150 psi pressure gauge, running pressure 100 psi.  There is some paint missing and worn a bit thin from water being wiped off.  Aside from that it is still in excellent original condition and has current (from May 2013) a two year hydraulic certificate and 14 month steam test certificate.

This engine is probably the only one in the world of its type [no prototype found] and most definitely the only model so therefore is totally unique.  It “goes like a train” especially on a ground level track!

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