5" Gauge 45xx Prarie

Here we have a rather lovely 5" Gauge GWR 45xx Prarie tank.  This is the well known Cribbin cup and Silver medal winner from the 1972 London Model Engineering Exhibition.  The paint is in pretty tidy condition, and although clearly not as 'exhibition' fresh as she was in the 70's, it has since achieved a lovely patina of age, rather than become tatty.

Underneath the nice detail, this is a Martin Evans Firefly, and there was a mild controversy back in the 70's when the model won the cup!  Although the level of detail and skill with which the model was built was not in question, for reasons best known to Martin Evans, he drew his Firefly design with the reverser on the wrong side, and neglected to include such details like the characteristic firebox taper you see on Western boilers.  The model is a faithful Firefly in these respects, and so, not being technically accurate in these details it was a controversial choice for the cup.  That said, it is a very nice model, and a decent cut above the usual Firefly.  Built by the late Bill Dean, the rivet detailing to the tanks if first class.  All the sanding gear detailing is included, as are other nice prototypical touches translated from the works drawings to make the model a more faithful replication.

It's ready to play, with a full certificate, and good boiler history, and has all the usual fittings and fixtures you'd expect from a well built model.

If you'd like to know any more information, please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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