5" Gauge Britannia

Well here we have a very well made, brand new and as yet unsteamed 5" Gauge BR Britannia.  We had this one come through around a year ago, and she's just come back into the workshop as a part exchange against the finished and painted Britt.  Apart from finishing the tiny link piece between the regulator reach rod and the regulator valve in the smoke box she's essentially complete and ready for a fire (although there may be something small that we haven't spotted).  Obviously there are also a few little detail bits included that it would be great to finish off, tender windows, sanders, that sort of thing, but this really is a very well engineered, machined and detailed model of the ever popular Britt.  The boiler is a brand new professional one with it's original hydraulic certs.

We think she's to a combination of the Perrier and the Spink drawings, and obviously contains no Modelworks bits at all.  Most of the Hewson detailing castings are there, including the scale reverser, and pleasingly there is even a fully balanced water scoop on the tender!  Already a cracker, that will finish off and paint up into a stunning model.   Lots of photos so we will let them do the rest of the talking.  Enjoy browsing through.

Well, we can finish her off for you,..... but only if you let us do a really careful job on her, as it's not a model to skimp on the finishing.  If you'd like any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463.

Sorry It's Sold!

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