5" 'Gert' 0-6-0

Here we have a particularly nicely made and well detailed 5" gauge 'Gert' 0-6-0.  The loco has been the subject of what appears to be a thorough strip down and re-build back in 2014, and it hasn't yet been steamed since then.  Fitted with a great deal of 'bells and whistles' that include all the usual suspects (injector, axle pump with footplate mounted bypass and a hand pump in the bunker), but also extends to a steam brake, a pair of snifting valves, a twin donkey pump for water (complete with it's own particularly lovely little mechanical lubricator) and the snazziest pair of mechanical lubricators each sporting 6 rams to pump oil to all the internal slidey bits that you can't get at with ease due to the tanks being in the way!  It's both a wonder to behold and a rather functionally useful touch.  In short this is a model that's been built with a huge amount of skill, effort and not just a little bit of flair!  When you take it to your club track there will be a good 30 minutes where everyone crowds round it to wiggle the handles and wind the levers before you get chance to throw a fire in it!  🙂

In short, it's ace.  It can of course be given a full fresh 4 year hydraulic test and a fresh annual steam test so that it's ready to play.  Yep, you've read between the lines correctly, this is a 'gudun'!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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