5" GNR Stirling Single

Here we have a rather nicely made and finished 5" GNR Stirling 8' Single.  This is a particularly crisply machined locomotive, modeled after the first (and preserved) Stirling Single No. 1.  (the only one with 11 splasher holes).  It's coupled to the correct 1870 Stirling tender rather than the earlier Sturrock outside framed tender that is so often seen on models, due to the fact that the preserved loco has been paired with it since the 1930s.

The model is superbly engineered, and runs absolutely beautifully, (we've test steamed it here in the workshop, video to be uploaded shortly),.... but has been made by the builder as a running model, and the odd concession has been made to that end.  Nothing however that would bother any but the most ardent purist!

There is an injector, axle pump and emergency hand pump in the tender, mechanical lubricator under the front footplate.  Draincocks are footplate operated, as is the steam brake. The paintwork is also very tidy and new.  All in all a lovely model of what is in our view the most graceful locomotive design ever to emerge.  If you're looking for the perfect loco to fly around your local track and have everyone tell you how beautiful it is, or just to plinth in your living room and smile at, then look no further.  Steam 'art' at it's finest.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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