7 1/4" GWR 11xx

Here we have a chunky little fella!  A 7 1/4" gauge GWR 11xx dock tank made to the well proven 'Midge' design.  A tidy little loco, with crisply machined motion and a good silver soldered copper boiler.  This model has spent the last 20 odd years at a private garden railway where it was enjoyed up and down it's short straight length of track.  The engine has been out of use, greased up and stored for at lease the last 10 years as the family moved on to other hobbies.  We've given the loco a mechanical re-commission and a 'back to bare metal' fresh coat of paint on the bodywork to freshen it all up for a new lease of life.  Detail wise the engine is a little on the plain and simple side, but it's a very solidly made thing and what it lacks in detail it more than makes up for in mechanical quality.

Fitted with a pair of injectors and a hand pump in the tank, lubrication is mechanical and neatly hidden under the front of the side tank.  The boiler comes freshly hydraulically tested and she has a fresh steam test so is ready to play.  This is a powerful little loco, with bog cylinders and good valve gear.  Midges usually punch nicely above their weight and it's a really great loco to start in 7 1/4" gauge without breaking your back or your bank.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 7816 963463


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