5" GWR 14XX

You may have noticed that we had this one come through at the end of last year,..... well frustratingly we sold it back then and shipped it to the Netherlands in a very strong wooden box only for it to get damaged by the couriers en route!  So it's been back here ever since awaiting a spot in the queue to be sorted out,..... which has now been done, so here she is fully sorted and good to go again!

Here we have a really nicely finished 5" gauge GWR 14xx.  Recently re-built professionally by our friends at JD Miniature Engineering, this is a very tidy and well sorted Modelworks kit based 14xx.  Well proven and tweaked to work nicely before being re-painted recently to look nicely fresh for a new owner,.... and a very nice job James has done of it too.

Fitted with an injector, a footplate bypass valve for the axle pump and a hand pump in the tank.  Lubrication is mechanical and located under the front running board rather than in the bunker as is the norm on MW 14s.  There's a few chunks of lead discretely hidden on the morel too so it pulls pretty well for a 14xx.  The boiler is of course a professionally made copper silver soldered job, and is fully tested and ticketed up, ready to play.  All in all a particularly nice and well sorted example of the ubiquitous Modelworks 14xx.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry it's Sold

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