5" GWR 1500 Class

Here we have  a rather beautifully built 5" GWR 15XX Pannier tank, essentially to the well proven Speedy design.  This is a brand new model, made by a skilled and careful model engineer.  She's never been steamed, although runs beautifully on air.

The  model is probably 95% there, with the vast majority of the work is done,.  As a short, but probably not exhaustive list we would say that only the ashpan (for which there is a cardboard pattern included), various jobs to the left hand pannier tank, plumbing up of the remaining pipework and a small amount of platework at the front end remains before the engine can be test steamed, stripped, primed and painted.  A very nice model it will make as well.   The boiler is very solidly made by the builder, and we have shell tested it to twice working pressure to ensure that it is good to go.  You can also see from the photos that she is fitted with stainless superheaters.

There were of course ten locomotives built in this class, 1500 - 1509,.... mostly running in BR unlined black, but with at least one to our knowledge ending up in fully lined BR Black livery and another moving on to industrial service in rather mucky Maroon!

If you'd like to know any more, please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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