5" GWR 14xx

Here we have another rather nicely presented 5" gauge GWR 14xx.  Built from a Winson kit in 2000, finished in 2002.  We sold this a year or so ago as a brand new and untested model, so although the boiler and kit dates from 2002, the model was still brand new and unsteamed last year.  Since then she's been treated by her new owner to a visit to JD Miniature Engineering for some mechanical tweaks and refinements, as well as the addition of a bit of lead to the areas that matter, so that now she is fully sorted and ready to play.  She's been run a few times, and successfully since, but a bigger engine came up that tickled the owner's fancy, so she's come back to us to be offered for sale again, but this time, ready to play.

The boiler is of course professionally made, silver soldered copper and has very few steamings under it's belt.  Lubrication is mechanical and hidden in the bunker as per the kit design.  There is an injector, a mechanical pump with bypass valve on the footplate, and a hand pump in the tank.  There are a few nice extra detailing bits, the addition of washout plugs on the boiler and firebox is a nice touch, as is the modification of the screw reverser to be actually in essence a lever one in disguise.  This is a nice little GWR 14xx that ought to give you lots of pleasure trundling round your track.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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