5" GWR 94xx

Here we have a 5" gauge GWR 94xx pannier tank made by Maxitrak.  This is a virtually as new model, having not been steamed on a great many occasions and still being nice and clean.  These models are quite simply constructed things, but they are nicely finished and certainly look the part.  The 94xx is quite a rare one, and we don't think too many of them have been made, so it's certainly something a bit different from the normal Pansies that you are likely to see about.

Fitted with a mechanical lubricator hidden under the front running board, this is an improvement over the simple displacement that these models come with as standard.  Water is from an injector as well as an axle pump with footplate mounted bypass valve.  There is also a hand pump on the footplate inside the bunker.  The backhead is a bit of a basic affair, and not particularly solid looking, but it's designed to be functional rather than prototypical and to that end it does the job.

The boiler is obviously the usual professionally made copper one, and comes with fresh hydraulic and steam tests so that you can be confident that she's good to go!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 7816 963463

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