5" GWR Autocoach

5" gauge GWR Autcoach constructed from the modelworks kit.

This is a large, and very strong, all steel construction model.  Easily up to the job of supporting passengers in it's roof.   A brand newly built model, with a superb professional paint and lining job.  Extra care has been taken in the finishing of this carriage, with details like the overscale modelworks body detailing grooves filled in and then thinner, more scale details added or painted on.

Although it requires a small amount of work to complete (all the handrails and other bits n bobs are included), the bulk is done and done very well to make an extremely convincing and well finished coach.

There's more info on the old Modelworks website: further information on their website.

Length 66 inches
Height 15 inches
Weight approx 100 pounds

For more information please call 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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