5" GWR City of Truro

Here we have another favorite!  5" gauge GWR City of Truro.  The prototype of course needs no introduction,.... always a popular engine, and the models are no different.  Clearly we all know that City of Truro was the first full size loco to break the 100mph barrier back in 1904 (Charles Rous-Marten timed it clearly and competently,... no arguments please,.... 😉 ..... although we will continue to refuse to believe that a Stirling Single never did it on the GNR, or that a Rover Class never did it on the flat fast broad gauge GWR 'cos we are stubborn like that!)  The models are no less 'long legged' and will fly round your track at speeds guaranteed to have that grumpy old fella who tells you not to do stuff waving his arms in terror and disbelief.

It's a well built model, everything on the bottom end is pretty nice and tight, and the boiler, (silver soldered copper of course) is equally neat and raring to go.  There are a pair of neatly placed vertical injectors under the footplate and a hand pump under the dome on the tender.  Lubrication is mechanical and under the front running board.  She will of course leave here with a fresh 4 year twice working pressure hydraulic test and a fresh annual steam test too, and we will make sure that everything that needs any tweaking gets it before you get her so she is simply ready to hit the track and play.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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