5" GWR Hall

Here we have yet another rare beast in this very nice and tidily made 5" Gauge GWR Collett Hall.  Originally started back in 1936, only 8 years after the first of the full size locos emerged, and endearingly 3 years before the actual 5991 Gresham Hall was completed in 1939!  Henry Greenly penned the drawings in 1935, so this must be one of the earliest builds of a 5" GWR Hall in existance.  As a lovely bit of historical provenance, there's even the original 1936 Greenly receipt for the 15 shilling purchase of the frames!  The loco was actually only finally finished however in 1997, by the son of the original builder, and as a result carries a modern professional Ellis boiler.  Which is nice.  (!)

As implied, this is made to the Greenly drawings, and as such is not an absolutely perfect, prototypically accurate and detailed model.  That said, it's not far off, and is certainly a very nice looking and reliable steamer ready to perform.  There are twin injectors, a mechanical axle pump and of course the hand pump in the tender for the water.  Lubrication is through a displacement hydrostatic lubricator, feeding through twin sight feeds on the footplate.  Draincocks are of course footplate operated, and the reverser is quite an unusual sprung pole reverser.  You push down on the lever and it releases from a notch under the arc.  It's surprisingly comfortable to use, and certainly does away with all that winding if you intend using the loco on the ground level where points and the opportunity to shunt present themselves.  A great loco to perhaps get involved with the GL5 world!

For some reason GWR Hall models are rare in any gauge.  Along with LMS Black 5s we can't understand why they aren't amongst the most popular models.  Have a look at the pics to get a good idea of the loco.  It's fully certificated and ready to play.

Here's a little clip of film of her running when we last delivered her a few years ago.  Not much has changed, so it should give you a good idea of the loco.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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