5" GWR King

Here we have a particularly finely constructed 5" Gauge GWR King.   Currently the loco is in the guise of number 6000 'King George V', complete with bell, although we can of course look at re-naming and numbering the model to you're requirements.

In brief, she is a full 4 cylinder, extremely crisply built engine, originally started a good many years ago to the Perrier drawings.  The boiler (according to the cert) is by Kieth Wilson, but the loco was only completed as we see it now around three years ago, and has not done a huge amount of running since then.  All the usual things you'd expect on a loco of this quality are there.  twin injectors, tender hand pump, mechanical lubricator, footplate operated drain cocks etc.

We've had it running at Gilling's mainline rally a few weeks ago and it was a superb locomotive, lifting the heavy rake of scale Mk1 carriages without any difficulty at all.  More than that, it is a fun loco to drive, with a completely addictive exhaust beat.  It notches back precisely as you would hope and it runs very smoothly, steaming incredibly well.   A little too well if truth be known, you have to learn to fire it with a thinner fire than you would expect, as otherwise it is constantly making too much steam.

It's available with a full 4 year hydraulic and a fresh annual steam certificate, and is fully sorted and ready to go.  It would also make the perfect show piece addition to any home's hallway,..... which is precisely where she will live here at the Steam Workshop until she finds a lucky new owner!

If you'd like to know anything more, please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 9963463.

Sorry It's Sold.

Here's a little clip from this weekends steaming to whet your appetite!


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