5" GWR Manor

Here we have a particularly nicely made 5" GWR Manor.  Brand new of course and pretty much finished, including a box or two with what appears to be most of the bits to get it over the final hurdle.  Certainly a cut above your average 'Torquay Manor', the builder, an experienced and well respected model engineer has added a lot of finesse to the model, studying photos of the full size locos to ensure that what he was making would look like the real thing.  The attention to detail on the tender is particularly fine, with lovely flat headed rivets used correctly where they should be and delicate flanged platework all over.  The backhead is functional rather than prototypically accurate, reflecting the fact that the builder wanted to run the model as well as have it look the part.

The boiler is brand new of course, silver soldered copper, and beautifully made.  Water is fed from a pair of injectors as well as a crosshead pump and footplate mounted bypass valve,.... and of course there's also the hand pump in the tender.

More details to follow very shortly, but for now have a good look at the photos to see the quality of the model.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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