5" GWR Pannier

Here we have a 5" gauge GWR Pannier tank 57xx that is very well on the way, with a complete kit (as far as we can tell) to complete the model.  This is one of the slightly rarer modelworks kits, they didn't seem to do a great many pannier tanks, although we do coincidentally have a completed one in stock at the moment as well.  As with all the modelworks products they weren't without their issues as the kit was supplied, but in the hands of a half decent model engineer they can be built up into decent models.

This one has had quite a lot of work done to it by the previous owner.  All of the valve gear has been tweaked and nickle plated, which gives it a far more professional and tidy look., and throughout the model the odd bit has been fettled and replaced with better to make it a nicer thing.  Some work has been undertaken on the front of the smoke box casting, (which is an aluminium single piece milling that includes the tank fronts, like a pair of ears on the standard kit).  we can't quite tell what was in the builders mind for that, but no doubt all will become clear when you get involved in the project.  The boiler is of course brand new, professionally made and very tidy.

To sum up.  This is essentially a complete and well assembled GWR 57xx pannier, and it represents a really good start to an engine that we know can be assembled into a well performing model.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 071816 963463

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